Planoly is a web and mobile app that allows users to plan and execute a
successful Instagram strategy for their businesses. They needed to show
potential users all of the facets and uses of the app in action. They also
knew how well their product worked through their partnership with several
other businesses, such as Kettle & Brine (a kitchen supply and home goods store),
and they wanted to market their product to other similar businesses.
Creative Development
Swng produced a one-minute long video advertisement, focusing on the
way that Kettle & Brine uses Planoly to better their business. We collaborated
closely with Planoly, listening to which features their customers utilized—and
raved about—the most. Swng’s professional advertisement showed off the app’s
useful tools and highlighted Kettle & Brine’s real-life experience of the
app and Planoly’s organizational benefits.
Swng’s advertisement promoted Planoly’s software on Instagram and on
other digital platforms. The video showed their product in action, giving
clarity to their process. Having a strong, sleek ad allowed Planoly to market
their product to appropriate audiences and sell more subscriptions to their
app, continuing the growth of their business in a highly competitive area of technology.