​​ Pride Socks Case Study Video for Meta | Swng Productions
Meta and BigCommerce needed to drive awareness of their new integration that unlocks tools for social media users to tap and buy products instantly. Meta and BigCommerce invited Pride Socks, a small business that utilized the new integration, to be featured in the video. They needed a team that could create a high-quality video, within budget, that incorporated multiple brand guidelines and communicated how small businesses could take advantage of the new integration’s features.
We captured a sit-down interview with the owner of Pride Socks, Rachel Smith, to learn how she used the integration’s tools to understand better who her customers were and how to grow the Pride Socks community. Further, we filmed B-roll with her and additional actors that encapsulated the Pride Socks brand while adhering to Meta’s standards.
Clients were pleased with the approximately two-minute-long video, which is now live on BigCommerce’s YouTube channel.