December 15, 2020

Our Favorite Swng Projects from 2020

Three men fiddle with a professional video camera in a kitchen

The entire world slowed down this year, but the need for digital content continues to grow as more people are consuming online media. Our clients needed new solutions from live streaming to motion graphics. We learned new skills, adapted our creative direction, and produced some fantastic pieces. Check out our team’s favorite projects from 2020.

Alex’s Favorite Project — A Way With Iva

Creating the lifestyle brand, A Way With Iva, entailed close collaboration for two years with myself, Iva, Andrew, Graphic Designer & Artist Christina Moser, and a small consistent crew. Swng facilitated the design of a unique brand including a logo with an animated version, a long shelf-life overview video, and dynamic photography content.

Building a brand from the ground up that is focused on wellness through interdisciplinary practices such as Yoga Asana and Ayurveda was a highlight of my career with Swng. Watching a small business owner develop a brand voice that is professional, artistic, and authentic to their multidimensional personality is a true joy. Iva’s personality and passion shines through every aspect of her brand, which is essential for connecting deeply with her future audience and students across the globe.

Cori’s Favorite Project — Intelligent Real Estate

Anne-Marie and the team at Intelligent Real Estate (IRE) were a joy to work with. Swng produced a full video campaign for IRE. We filmed at several beautiful homes, interviewed both IRE clients and real estate agents, and created a dynamic digital advertising campaign. 

Jared Deer, steadicam operator, films an interview for Intelligent Real Estate (November 2019).

My favorite part of the process was pulling the stories together from the various interviews we captured. It’s like solving a puzzle; we knew the message we wanted to convey, we just had to find the rights words. The stories paired with the stunning visuals that our production crew captured really made for a wonderful series of videos. 

  • Fun times on set with the crew, talent, and IRE team
  • Beautiful filming locations
  • High-quality campaign *chef’s kiss*

Andrew’s Favorite Project — IDEA Public Schools' Super Bowl Commercial

Working with IDEA Public Schools to create their 2020 Super Bowl commercial was an incredible experience. IDEA wanted to create a fast paced, dynamic ad that celebrated the schools 20th anniversary by championing the schools core values. 

To maximize our creativity within their budget, we collaborated with Nick & Morgan at Camlock films to create an agile shot list and production schedule that gave us a ton of flexibility on set while being able to get enough content to fill the 30 seconds.

Crew filming student looking at microscope

Behind the scenes shot of Angela Herr filming a student for the IDEA 2020 Super Bowl commercial. Photo by Sophie Goodwin (December 2019).

Our pre-production paid off when we showed up to set. Due to the school having to do state testing, we had to reorganize our entire schedule right when we arrived. However, we didn’t sweat it and worked with our two camera teams to maximize our coverage and wrap ahead of schedule. Once we got into the editing, it was fun watching all of the great options we had to make this spot that we are all so proud of! 

  • Collaborating with Camlock 
  • Great crew 
  • Exciting, yet challenging day 
  • First Super Bowl commercial
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