Approachable, collaborative, community-oriented, professional, positive, clear, empathetic.

We are committed to producing high-quality, purpose-driven content in a fun, collaborative environment. We take pride in bringing laughter and community into the creative process. We’ll deliver on your goals and have a great time doing it.

Meet the Team

ANDREW MASI <span>(he/him)</span>

ANDREW MASI (he/him)

Co-Owner & Executive Producer

ALEX MASI <span>(she/her)</span>

ALEX MASI (she/her)


SAM RADDE <span>(he/him)</span>

SAM RADDE (he/him)

Post Supervisor

Marta Vizcarro <span>(she/her)</span>

Marta Vizcarro (she/her)

Lead Designer

CORI BAKER <span>(she/her)</span>

CORI BAKER (she/her)

Director & Marketing

Kari Antczak <span>(she/her)</span>

Kari Antczak (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Andy King <span>(he/him)</span>

Andy King (he/him)

Production Manager

Lamar Nguyen

Lamar Nguyen

Assistant Editor

Diversity & inclusion

Everyone should be able to do their best while at work. Swng is committed to building environments that foster diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence because it’s the right thing to do.

We aren’t perfect. Building environments that champion inclusivity and diversity will be a lifelong pursuit. Although we are a small and young company, we are mindful that we play a part in creating a sustainable institution for all creative individuals to thrive and prosper.

Building environments and processes that allow people to contribute at their highest level is what’s best for the company and our people. Companies that are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to be stronger companies. Diversity and inclusion are necessary in reaching our goals and living up to our values.

It’s more than just hiring diverse people. We must promote cultural competence in our work environments. This can be achieved by maintaining a set of policies and attitudes that promote positive interactions with diverse cultures.

While this is only the start, we will be updating this page and blog with new policies that we implement as we continue conversations with our partners.

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