November 19, 2019

Project Recap: BonusDrive

BonusDrive is a cash-back program associated with Nationwide Insurance. They needed to capture interviews with a member, an agent, and an associate and b-roll for updated digital content. They needed quick delivery on six videos showcasing unique marketing messages from a variety of perspectives to support the continued growth of their program.

Production Plan

Our team traveled to North Carolina, South Carolina, and nearby San Antonio to film the interviews and b-roll. We only had 3 to 4 hours with the subjects each day which made scheduling a new challenging. 

Our awesome crew — Andrew Masi, Jared Deer, and Andy King — were able to have multiple roles on-set in order to make the production successful and budget-friendly. 

This shoot had some unique elements to it, like capturing the cars driving in a way that was smooth and professional. We were excited to use our car mount, the Rig Wheels Cloud Mount, with our Sony camera, in order to accomplish that goal.


The client and their stakeholders at Nationwide were more than satisfied with the final deliverables. They posted them on a variety of social channels, and shared them internally to celebrate the company culture and value of the program. Swng’s dynamic video content provided BonusDrive clients an insider’s view into the benefits of this program. The advertisements promoted further business growth and bolstered their online presence.

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