November 18, 2019

Project Recao: EAST Austin Studio Tour 2019

Every year, Swng works with a nonprofit to help them create high-quality video content. In 2019, we partnered with Big Medium, a nonprofit that supports artists in Austin, Texas by hosting the annual East and West Austin Studio Tour, raising money for artist residencies, and putting local artists on the map. 


Big Medium presents East Austin Studio Tour

Big Medium needed promotional videos for their annual studio tours that got new audiences interested in the self-guided tour, and connected with people emotionally. The videos had to be visually appealing in order to attract people interested in art while also driving their audience to the tours. 


Our Work

We filmed four different artists for the East Austin Studio Tour. On every single set, our crew donated their time and equipment. We couldn’t have done this project without the help of the amazing people we work with, and we are incredibly grateful for their time and energy. 

We also want to thank the artists who allowed us into their work spaces and answered our questions for hours. Without their art and drive to create, we would not have been inspired to pursue this project.


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