November 19, 2019

Project Recap: Facebook Signals Health Commercial

Swng crew films Facebook Signals Commercial

Facebook needed a commercial with high production value that could be turned around on a quick deadline. The commercial is externally facing and shown worldwide, so they wanted a video that could appeal to a variety of audiences while adhering to Facebook’s brand guidelines.

Production for Facebook

To meet their needs, our team successfully scouted nondescript locations and hired a diverse cast that matched the client provide script. We quickly moved forward with production, and got creative with location scouting. Crew members called in some favors and we were able to film at multiple locations including a restaurant, coffee shop, shoe store, and an art studio.

Using props, we were able to optimize the art studio which is also where we filmed the photography scene (at 1:36), the boutique scene (1:26), the painting scene (00:29), and the office / meeting scene (1:21).


The video met their goals and timeline for launching the product. It was well-received by all of the stakeholders, and looks great on the landing page of the Signals Health website. It is one of our favorite projects to date! 

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