April 23, 2019

Reasons why every business needs a strong online presence

Presenting your business online can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses where every employee wears multiple hats ( or if it’s just you – all the hats ). It’s easy to prioritize other things instead of learning how the newest Instagram update works. But since the internet is ingrained in just about everything we do, making a plan to have a strong online presnce is a critical element of your success.


You have a fantastic product or service that the world needs to know about. So investing resources to tell the story of your brand in a beautiful and professional manner is not just a good idea, it’s key to the long term viability of your small business. What makes you stand out is just that-it’s you. Maintaining a relational connection with your audience online goes a long way toward growing your market share and sustaining loyal clients, too.

And how do you tell your story? You craft a strong online presence that pairs beautiful images, inspiring words, and authentic storytelling. At Swng, we specialize in translating your ideas, emotions, and vision into the designs, images, and stories that will resonate with your audience.


Making a first impression is crucial in-person and online. When a potential client comes to your website, enjoy their experience and leave the site with a strong sense of your brand.

You’ll want them to know who you are, as a person and as a business, so be sure to include a strong About the Business section and a clear, concise bio. A strong about page helps clients know what your small business means to you and your community. Swng’s fantastic copywriter wrote this bio for us:

“We create stunning, engaging content to elevate your style and tell your story. Stand out with engaging and unique content that creates a lasting impression and build a strong relationship with your customers. Let’s work together to create stunning content that outlasts trends and resonates with your audience over the long haul.”

Along with a bio, an up-to-date headshot and photos of your place of business are important for multiple platforms like your website, Yelp, and Facebook. A crisp, clean image paired with great copywriting tells people that your business is professional.


Not every social media platform is right for every small business. Generally, if your business is visual (like a boutique or yoga studio), Instagram may be best suited. But that doesn’t mean the company should completely ignore a site like LinkedIn, where blogs on the health benefits of yoga for business professionals could be popular.

Another way to think about it: Where does your audience live online? That is where you should put most of your efforts and budget.

Social media can be scary-even we know that. But with captivating stories, professional videos, and beautiful imagery, you can confidently share the story of your business with people all over the world.

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