​​ Seawood Builders Case Study | Swng Productions, Austin, TX
Seawood Builders is a construction company located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They have over forty years of experience, and they needed to translate that into fresh content that would help them stand out from their competition. They wanted to highlight their ongoing and past projects to draw in customers who are looking for a unique build. Seawood needed content that would show off their special designs, professional attitude, and quick timelines.
Swng took pictures and videos of some off Seawood’s stunning, completed projects. We captured shots of the details they are most proud to share, both on the interior and exterior of their builds. We also captured video walkthroughs of the property, exterior footage, employee testimonials regarding company culture, and client testimonials offering their experience working with Seawood. Seawood uses Swng’s custom content early and often on their website and social media pages.
Seawood Builders were able to sell their services successfully with the photos and videos that Swng provided them. The walkthrough videos allowed Seawood to surpass the industry standard, while the client testimonials helped them to pitch new jobs. With all this gorgeous content, Seawood has created a lasting visual impact on their clients. In fact, they loved the photos so much, they proudly display them in their office and have sent prints as personal gifts to developers, ultimately strengthening their business relationships and growing their company.
“I have worked with architectural and construction photography companies for over 30 years. Swng Productions bring architectural/construction photography and videography to a different level. The quality of their work is superb, but I think it is their artistic intuition that sets them apart. I can assign a project, set the scope and budget, and without any further demand on my time, I receive the content showcasing the very best the project has to offer.”

-Betty Masi, Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Seawood Builders