Meta: Selina Hotels Case Study Video

Collaboration and Careful Planning in Remote Costa Rica

Customer engagement and personalized experiences are crucial for hospitality brands to stand out from the competition. Selina Hotels, a global hotel chain, partnered with ManyChat to improve their client interactions on Meta's platforms.

Working closely with Meta and Selina Hotels, Swng Productions developed a treatment and scripts. Filming in the picturesque location of Nosara, Costa Rica presented unique challenges. While Nosara is a beautiful backdrop, the availability of professional production resources was limited.

We sent a dedicated team of three Swng employees, along with one of our favorite cinematographers, to work in tandem with a local production company from San Jose. This collaboration ensured a successful shoot by securing a bilingual assistant director, producer, local crew, and camera equipment sourced from the capital city.

Swng skillfully captured the essence of Selina’s Nosara property, using both lifestyle and drone footage to highlight the hotel's key amenities and experiences.

In post-production, motion graphics were added to strategically feature key statistics and the chat automation experience between a customer and the hotel's chatbot to illustrate a typical customer journey.
Our clients at Meta were thrilled with the final video and how it successfully highlights how Selina Hotels leveraged Meta and ManyChat’s technology.

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