Smarter x Elma Chips Case Study Video

Elevating Success: Our Journey to Brazil with Meta, Smarters, and Elma Chips

Building on the success of our 2022 case study series, Meta collaborated with Swng Productions to create a compelling video featuring Smarters and Elma Chips, a PepsiCo subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil. The aim was to showcase Elma Chip’s successful Ads that Click to Message campaign powered by first-party data from Smarters.

Our biggest challenge was the timeline. With only twelve days from the project being awarded to the plane taking off, our team dove into an intensive pre-production phase. With our Director Andrew Masi and Cinematographer Magic Hoskins creating the vision and recognizing the value of local expertise, we teamed up with Brazil Base Productions. Tapping into their deep knowledge of São Paulo helped streamline the process. Together, we swiftly assembled a local crew, tackled logistical challenges, and ensured everything was set for a successful shoot.

The intensive five-day shoot captured the essence of Smarters and Elma Chips, and showcased the versatility of Meta's technologies in a real-world setting. The expedited timeline did not compromise the quality of the final product, and this project exemplifies our team’s ability to adapt, collaborate, and thrive in diverse environments.

In post-production, Director Andrew Masi collaborated with Editor Sam Radde and Colorist Angela Herr to add the finishing touches. Their meticulous attention to detail enhanced the visuals, making each frame pop with vibrant colors. Simultaneously, Sam fine-tuned the sound design, creating a seamless auditory experience that complemented the visuals.

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