Meta: Ads that Click to Message with Hair Day

Meta wants to make it easier for folks to run ads that click to message, so they tapped Swng Productions to produce this educational series.

Meta needed to educate their customers who are running ads that click to message on new features and best practices to improve their ad campaigns. Meta’s Blueprint team collaborated with Swng Productions from end-to-end on this educational video series.

With six years of experience working with Meta, Swng’s team has in-depth insight into their brand and technologies. This knowledge allowed us to collaborate with the learning design team and translate complex concepts into concise and engaging videos.

To ground these concepts in reality, Director Cori Baker and Art Director Annie Bradford brought to life the fictitious business Hair Day, a salon and hair care line. We made fake shampoo bottles, branded stickers, and signage to visually showcase the brand. Color played a significant role in bringing a cohesive look throughout the videos using each brand’s color palettes in props, wardrobe, and set decor.

Maximizing productivity during production days was essential to our project's success. Leveraging the versatility of the house we rented, we strategically selected a home with a separate kitchen and living room and a visually appealing backyard. With the location meticulously chosen, we seamlessly transitioned between scenes by pre-lighting most of the house.

Director Cori Baker and Director of Photography Andrew Masi were the dynamic duo behind our efficient production. They worked hand in hand, crafting detailed shot lists and lookbooks tailored to each business's vibe. Their seamless collaboration ensured we stayed on schedule and captured the essence of each brand within two production days.

Our post-production team skillfully replaced the greenscreen shots on iPhones, iPads, and laptops, using motion graphics to complete the story. Meta provided Figma files of their UI elements to streamline the motion graphics workflow. Our editors layered the designs and ingested them into After Effects to add motion. This saved time and money by not having to recreate the UI from scratch.

This challenging and exciting project had our team feeling fulfilled and excited to take on the second phase of this project. Check out: Ads that Click to Message with City Dogs to learn more. The videos for Hair Day went live in late 2023, and the Blueprint team is thrilled with the final results.

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