Met/Gal x Shawn Smith

Met/Gal featuring Shawn Smith

Met/Gal partnered with a local artist, Shawn Smith, to create a piece for a Fortune 500 company. The piece needed to speak to their brand identity and provide a sense of place, invoking Austin’s unique flavor.

Met/Gal enlisted Swng’s services to visually showcase Shawn’s artwork and highlight Met/Gal’s business process.

Using a 24mm probe lens and drone footage, we juxtaposed details of Shawn’s piece with match cuts to the Austin skyline. The client was thrilled with the results and are promoting this video on their social pages and in sales proposals.

  • Producer

    Andrew Masi

  • Director

    John Valley

  • Cam OP

    Ryan Light

  • Gaffer

    Colton Wilie

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