Meta x BigCommerce x Pride Socks: Video Case Study

Meta and BigCommerce needed to drive awareness toward their new integration that made it easier for audiences to purchase products. Meta and BigCommerce invited Pride Socks, a small business that utilizes the new integration, to be featured in the video. They partnered with Swng Productions as the creative agency and production company.

We captured a sit-down interview with the owner of Pride Socks, Rachel Smith, to learn how she used the integration’s tools to grow the Pride Socks community. We also filmed b-roll with her and actors that encapsulated the Pride Socks brand and brought a human-centric angle to the story.

  • Cast

    Rachel Smith

  • Producer / DP

    Andrew Masi

  • Assoc. Producer

    Cori Baker

  • Cam Op

    Ryan Light

  • Director

    John Valley

  • Gaffer

    Colton Wilie

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