Meta x Hubspot x The Fives: Video Case Study

Meta partnered with Hubspot and The Fives Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to make an informative and visually stunning case study video.

Meta needed a video case study series that explained their new technology integrations from a human-centric angle. The video needed to be produced in English and Spanish so it could run in both markets. Our team wrote the script balancing the story between all three subjects: Meta, Hubspot, and The Fives. We designed multiple scenes to showcase a variety of customer experiences.

We spent the day capturing interviews and multiple b-roll scenes with models and employees. We take the audience through the customer journey of seeing The Five’s ad on Facebook to booking their room and enjoying their stay.

  • Producer/ Director

    Andrew Masi

  • Producer/ 1st AD

    Alfredo Cortés

  • DP

    Jared Deer

  • Flex - Drone Operator/ Media Manager/ VTR

    Andy King

  • Production Manager

    Monique Flores

  • Crew

    Regina Doddoli

  • Crew

    Juan Sebastian

  • Crew

    Rodolfo Alejandro Hernandez

  • Crew

    Euan Stevens Cruz

  • Crew

    Daniel Guerrero

  • Teleprompter Operator

    Samuel Aburto

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