Meta’s Business Equity Team, 2023 Event Sizzle

Meta needed an event recap sizzle to showcase their team’s work

Meta wanted to demonstrate their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. With the goal of inspiring people to take actions that collectively lead towards a more diverse future, Meta had a presence at three major conferences: Adweek, ADCOLOR, and MAKERS.

To tie these events together and create a cohesive story, we collaborated with Meta to produce an event recap video. We wanted to provide more than a surface-level recap of the events. Instead, we aimed to get to the heart of why it's important to bring these communities together and how they do that with Meta’s support.

We provided scriptwriting, production, photography, and post-production services, working with Meta to shape interviews that express the value of gathering and learning from each other's intersectional perspectives. Our intentional approach resulted in a video that goes beyond event content; it's a story about individuals becoming communities within an industry.

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