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& Inclusion

Everyone should be able to do their best while at work. Swng is committed to building environments that foster diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence because it’s the right thing to do.

We aren’t perfect. Building environments that champion inclusivity and diversity will be a lifelong pursuit. Although we are a small and young company, we are mindful that we play a part in creating a sustainable institution for all creative individuals to thrive and prosper.

Building environments and processes that allow people to contribute at their highest level is what’s best for the company and our people. Companies that are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to be stronger companies. Diversity and inclusion are necessary in reaching our goals and living up to our values.

It’s more than just hiring diverse people. We must promote cultural competence in our work environments. This can be achieved by maintaining a set of policies and attitudes that promote positive interactions with diverse cultures.

While this is only the start, we will be updating this page and blog with new policies that we implement as we continue conversations with our partners.

Come as you are

Paul Orr

Cinematographer and Cam Op

What I love most about working in film is the diverse group of creative and interesting people we work with and get to know ...

Marta Vizcarro


I want to be seen as a kind soul that wants to work with other wonderful souls for the common good...

Angela Herr

Director of Photography & Colorist

When I was writing, I had a hard time expressing myself. Our industry has so many layers...

Morgan Bond of CamLock Films

Director & Producer

There’s a lot of things I love about my job, but what I love the most that it’s fast paced...

Lauren Garcia

Pro Hair + Makeup Artist

What I love most about my job is the places and people it introduces me to. Places I thought I could never go...

In our communities

Big Medium

We partnered with Big Medium—a non-profit that advocates for artists in Texas—to create promotional video content featuring local artists who do not have the resources to market themselves for the West and East Austin Studio Tours. The :60 second promos had to promote the artist and the studio tour while emotionally and visually connecting with the audience. Swng produced eight unique promos that Big Medium released on all their social platforms.

Kids In A New Groove

Kids In A New Groove (KING) was the first non-profit Swng donated services to back in 2016. Since then, Swng has produced all of KING’s video and photo content, most of it as a donation. Recently, KING had to pivot their in-person fundraisers to virtual events. Swng shifted their regular programming to a pre-recorded concert allowing performers to stay safe on set and providing KING with a fundraising avenue. The virtual concert was a hit with donors, and more than 450 people tuned in which is 3x the normal attendance for a Concert Club.

Mobile Loaves & Fish

Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) is a non-profit that mitigates homelessness in Austin, Texas. Their Community First! Village, which houses more than 200 people, serves those experiencing chronic homelessness. MLF needed content to help spread awareness of their Car Care Center which provides auto mechanic training and jobs for people living in the village. Swng donated their services to MLF, and created a 2-minute informative piece on the new initiative.

Austin Dance Festival

Austin Dance Festival (ADF) needed to create a digital presence that would showcase their unique festival and wanted to provide high quality content to their attendees at an affordable rate. For the past 3 years Swng has been a primary partner with ADF from building their entire digital media presence to providing discounted rates for their participants. Swng donates gear, time, and continuous guidance to ADF, which ensures their ability to provide free pop-up dances around ATX, dance on film screenings, professional and youth showcases, and more.