Alisa’s Dance Academy needed a team who could meet the unique
challenges of a business, quite literally, in constant motion. The Academy
required fast-motion photos of both professional and pre-professional
dancers during performances, as well as new headshots. With constant
motion in mind, Alisa’s Dance Academy wanted to translate their aesthetic
to photos that would encourage new dancers to audition without breaking the bank.
Swng Productions designed a production schedule so that each dancer could
get new headshots and dance portraits in multiple costumes in a short window.
Because the schedule was planned down to the minute, dancers were able to
come for their scheduled time slot with plenty of time to get back to the studio for rehearsal.

Alex and Andrew gave effective creative direction by using a tethering
system that allowed them to see photos in real time on a computer screen. This
provided immediate feedback for each dancer allowing them to feel confident and
efficiently use their time. Swng offered this custom session for each dancer, allowing
them to choose from various backdrops and professional lighting. To accommodate
varying budgets, Swng provided a pricing structure that gave dancers the option to
purchase more photos and additional editing.

Swng also attended an Alisa’s Dance Academy rehearsal to shoot footage of the
company in action. By bringing together video of the dancers, lively music, encouraging
text, and fun graphics, Swng made an inviting promotional video to inspire new dancers to audition.
Swng’s custom photo shoot with the company was fun for the dancers, turning a
potentially stressful situation into a breezy and comfortable experience for everyone.
This day gave Alisa’s Dance Academy and its members new headshots and in-motion
photos that captured the passion, dedication and excellence of the Academy. The
photos increased engagement on their social media pages and updated their website
to better fit the brand identity.
“Swng has incredible communication, follow up, and professionalism. On top of that,
shooting with them is an absolute blast! All of their employees are heavily invested to
make the work they provide top notch. I highly recommend Swng!”

- Kelsey Link, Assistant/Artistic Director for Alisa’s Dance Academy