After completing his yoga teacher certification, David O needed a
way to break into the yoga community. He was looking to channel his
process into an aesthetic that would be easily identified in a growing
digital marketplace, and to engage new customers that would resonate
with his style of teaching. His goal was to generate a strong local following
while continuing to build and expand to the rest of the country, and
knew that a strong online presence would convert into successful
workshops, both locally and nationally.
Swng interviewed David in-depth, so they could accurately establish his
voice as a new yoga teacher and craft a digital brand that would create a
strong foundation for photo and video content. We made the creative choice
to incorporate yoga philosophy into all the photos, videos, and website.

We designed and built an entire website of fresh content for David, executing
15 separate photo shoot sessions of David’s art in action, and creating over
20 instructional videos. With this influx of content, David has a library of new,
on-brand—and on-point—material that he can present to his customers at his pace.
Swng’s creative direction and design overhaul of David O’s online
presence allowed him to make his mark in the competitive Austin yoga
scene. He was able to stand out from the pack with a website full of
content that keeps yoga philosophy at the core of his digital brand,
staying true with his real-life aesthetic. With a bevy of new materials
at his hands, he is poised to stay relevant and to keep growing for years to come.
"Thank you Swng Productions for your creative genius and dedication to
my success. You helped me to create a beautiful brand from a nascent idea.
You designed an amazing, visually stunning website. And you filled it all with
media content that I couldn't be more proud of!!

Everyone at Swng is always exceeding expectations. [The team] really listened
to me, and you helped me to actually understand and use the technology and
tools we created together in a way that feels creative, empowering and FUN!
You have a client for life. Thank you!!"

-David Overholt, owner David O Yoga