​​ Goldtouch | Swng Productions
Goldtouch is an industry leading creator of custom-comfort ergonomic technology products. They needed to promote their EasyLift standing desk with content that would stand out in a highly competitive market. Beyond basic promotional content, Goldtouch needed photos and videos that highlighted their desk’s many functional factors and health benefits.
Swng listened closely to Goldtouch’s goals and challenges, and made it our goal to create unique, highly noticeable content. We created a promotional video for the desk that showed the desk’s many unique features in action, and included eye-catching animation and compelling narration that would give potential buyers additional information beyond the visual component.

Swng also created a set-up video for The EasyLift which gave Goldtouch step-by-step instructional content they can share with customers to help them install their new product. We also worked together to capture crisp, informational photos of the product.
Goldtouch successfully introduced their EasyLift standing desk with stunning promotional and instructional video and photos. With new,
professional digital content, they created a complete online strategy for ads, placing effective content on their website and social media pages. These photos and videos showed their new product in action, and gave the Goldtouch team a narrative that translated easily into sales. And with sleek instructional videos, their new customers experience seamless set-up, and their company can save time and money on customer service calls.