​​ IDEA Public Schools: 2020 Super Bowl Commercial | Swng Productions, Austin, TX
IDEA Public Schools needed a .30second commercial to premiere in some television markets during Super Bowl 2020. The video quality had to match Super Bowl standards, captivate the audience, and get them excited!

The client wanted to highlight their 20th Anniversary, a variety of activities, and their students academic achievements. They also requested that we film real students and teachers at an active school in Austin.
We planned a robust schedule to film more than 13 unique scenes from basketball to the science class. During our shoot, students were doing state testing, and we had to move a few outdoor scenes to indoors due to poor weather.

Our team was flexible working with the school’s schedule and the weather. Everyone was light on their feet and quick to adjust to the new schedule. Our producers, Andrew and Cori, worked hand and hand with the client to keep talent on a schedule that worked for everyone. Morgan and Nick were able to focus on the creative and adapt to the new locations. Without these teams working hand in hand, we wouldn't have been able to successfully film all the different scenes.
The IDEA team is thrilled with the end results. The premiere of the commercial was a success; it aired in San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, the Valley, and Tarrant County.

IDEA saw a 28% increase in applications on their website after the commercial aired, and a 2x increase in reach on Facebook compared to their 2019 commercial.

A few weeks after production, IDEA hired Swng to produce a short documentary for their 20th Anniversary. We sent a team down to film their top employees in the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. That video will premiere March 2020.

"Working with Andrew and Cori specifically...they're insanely organized. That has really like driven our team to be responsive, and to be organized in ourselves. We could have never pulled off what we pulled off [during our production day] without the level of organization and expertise they brought to the table.

Really great meetings, really great vision, really great organization--Swng Productions really brought that to the table."

-Mitch Idol, Multimedia Manager for IDEA Public Schools